I need my mind to be occupied.

So for the past few weeks I have been texting and chatting with this girl I met a few times before I left on vacation but, we couldn’t seem to find a time to meet up.  Well I left on vacation for 2 weeks and we chatted all the time.  It was something nice to look forward to in the morning and at gas stops while I was out and about exploring our wonderful national forests and parks.  Well I got home early and ask her to go to a friends wedding with me.  That was a mistake and I guess a blessing.  I went to pick her up and a mutual friends house and there was just no spark.  She is very pretty but, just no other connection even after chatting for that long.  Well, she ends up meeting another mutual friend and they seemed to hit it off so while I was disappointed in that it didn’t work out I am happy and hoping it does work out for them.  It is however weird that I am now on the outside of the conversations I see happening on Facebook but, am not really a part of them.  I know the joke and the punch line but, I am no longer in the know.  It’s hard to be a part of that but, not be a part of it.  So now my mind keeps wondering off to the side while I am at work.  Knowing I it wasn’t going to work but, miss the daily interaction with her.  Oh well, time to move on and look for the right one.  I wish it was always that easy for me.  I get attached to these interactions more than I get attached to the people on the other end of the conversation.  On top of that I am hating work right now.  Resume is almost complete.  Time to start looking for the next chapter in my life.  Maybe it will lead somewhere or to someone.


About batmaninhiding

I am just a regular person with random things to chat about.
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