Dating 2

I might of been a little angered while writing that last post.  So last night we had our second date.  It went well.  Went to Coopers Hawk in Naperville and 3.25 hours later we were walking out the door.  Not sure what it is but, we seemed to be able to talk about nothing and everything all at the same time.  I have only ever had this happen a few times in my life.  It sets my heart at ease and makes things simple.  No hiding behind my sarcasm and conversation changes.  She is amazing at this point.  I know it has only been a couple dates but, something about her just makes everything seem in harmony.  I am not sure the last time I sat around with someone and just talked.  For the past let’s say 10-12 years my life has been about drinking and getting fucked up, multiple one night stands, and just not caring about most things.  This is the first time in all those years that I think I could just stop all of those things with ease as long as she was by my side.  Sometimes you don’t know what you are missing until you have found it.  She might be it.


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I am just a regular person with random things to chat about.
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