August 9th Meet at the Sox game

August 21 First Date at Sullivans

So those are dates that I hope to have to remember for awhile.  So I met this girl Ambar at the Sox game the same day of the funeral of my friend.  I look at this as a sign that life needs to move on.  Good things can happen even while bad things are happening around you.  Well, let me tell you a little about her.  She is about 27. Has brown hair and brown eyes.  I think she is about 5’7″ but, not sure since she was wearing 3-4 inch heels on our first date.  I think this girl is awesome by the way.  We spent 3 hours talking during dinner and I didn’t even realize how much time passed.  I hope she feels the same or at least close to it.  She speaks 4 languages.  I can barely speak English.  She does this slightly cute thing were when talking  she switches her accent when she speaks about places she has visited and knows how a native would pronounce them.  It also makes it very hard for me to understand sometimes.  Is loud restaurants and public places with loud background noise I basically go deaf and most have to read lips to make sure I don’t miss anything. So when she is talking and switches basically to a different voice it is hard to always catch what she said.   She just seems like an amazing person who could really push me to be the better version of myself.  Probably the one I know is there but, don’t seem to be able to push myself to become.  I have spent 2 evenings with her and I already feel different about my lifes outlook.  I hope a few months from now I will be able to write more about this girl but, right now I am just smitten.  Oh and the one thing that bothers me is response time on texts.  Now I don’t need to have immediate response times.  It’s nice but, not necessary.  I am just used to instant messages and constant feedback that I think this is really just my dependency on technology.   Well this is not even all this message since my computer messed up.  Either way it ended something like this.  I hope that in a month from now that I will be writing another blog about her.  I hope that she will become my girlfriend.


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