Well, last week we had to bury a friend.  It sucked more so than any other funeral I have attended outside my brother’s friend Becky.  Now I can’t say that her and I got along great or that we were best friends because we weren’t.  We made out on the back swing of her parents house one night but, that was about it.  She tested the waters a few times over the years but, I knew that it would just not work out.   While hearing everyone tell stories about her and how she was this amazing person I never saw it.  We were always, well maybe me more than her, antagonizing each other.  I really knew nothing about her except what I heard from her sister who is one of my good friends and for awhile was one of my best friends.   Most of what I heard from her were the negative sides of her character or mindset or something along those lines.  So every time I talked with her or heard her version of the story I was always tainted in thinking that it was the other way around.  Now I am sure she had her down sides and her up sides but, I never saw the ups.  I was always thinking of her negative side.  Then all of these people who actually knew her and were around her all the time were telling the good side of her.  It makes me believe I never actually knew the person.  A friend of mine who I was out having a couple drinks with after the wake had a outlook on wakes that I never even considered before and will not try to adopt this from now on. Hopefully there won’t be many of them the next few years.  He says you have to look at all the pictures and listen to all of the stories and the positive impact this person had in life and remember them that way.  Even if you didn’t know the person you can look at all the smiling photos and know that this person touched some peoples life in a positive way.

Now this brings me to some thoughts about my own funeral.  For the entire world to read and mostly for the one reader who I know will show this to the right people when my time has come.  I do not under any circumstances want to be buried in the ground.  I want a simple wake and then burn my ass and take my ashes to the mountains.  Take them to the most beautiful places in the world and put parts of me all over the world if possible.  If I only get to choose one place it would be the top of Vail mountain or Jackson Hole.  By no means should this be a sad event.  As of now at 35 I have lived my life.  I have had fun in many places people wish they could see. I have done things that people only see on the Discovery channel.  I know I am not the only one but, it is a small percentage of the world that has done any of these.  You should sit around and tell every funny ridiculous thing I have ever said or done that you can think of.  Don’t hold back.  People should hear this crap.  Most have probably heard some of the stories and were also probably there when it happened.  Cry if you must but, they should be tears of joy and laughter. Okay a few sad ones but, only because you know that we won’t be making new memories.  Get a few kegs and some nice green and push yourselves to the limits but, try not to join me that soon.  I want my death to be a celebration.  Don’t mourn me.  I probably died doing something I enjoyed.



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