The ease of conversation

So my mind is doing circles again and my stomach would probably be doing flip flops if it weren’t filled with Thai food.  So I am going to make a short story long because I feel it should be on paper here or the screen or whatever.  Knowing that you are a good fit with another person just by the ease of conversation is always my favorite.  I can talk to anyone about anything in most situations but, there have only been a few women in the world that I could talk to about everything and with ease.  Well, one is married.  The other is now divorced.  She can make me laugh and smile with ease.  I do laugh and I do smile when I am out with friends but, this is just different and better.  The bad news is it will never happen.  Her family dislikes my attitude towards just about everything.   Long story coming.  She is my friend’s sister who used to be married to our other friend awhile back.  They got a divorce and she is now single.  I wish it would work out.  I have asked her out a couple times but, it’s just not going to work for her.   I hope I can find this in someone else.  All of my other choices are just not the same.


About batmaninhiding

I am just a regular person with random things to chat about.
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