Friend of a Friend

So not sure where I left off last but, well I went skydiving for the first time and it was fucking awesome.  I met a group of people and the invited me out camping the next weekend.  So here I find myself hanging out with 4 other people that I just recently met the weekend before.  I really didn’t talk to most of them but, they all seemed pretty cool the week before so I decided to head up there. Well, I thought more people would be there but, there wasn’t.  So we did what we do and started to get fucked up.  We wondered around the campground with beers and got drunk.  Now there was only one girl there and well she is going through a divorce which I didn’t know before getting there.  Well, as the night went on it got more and more boring since there isn’t much to do there and they apparently weren’t in to drinking games.  So well around 2 I called it quits.  Well, this girl follows me in and starts seducing me.  I didn’t really want to mess around but, that was that.  I couldn’t keep myself from doing it once we started kissing.  Well,  now the other guys come in to the camper and take their beds and fall asleep.  It is then that I realize that one guy didn’t come in.  I kind of find out that he has a crush on this girl and it probably sulking outside.  Well, anyways all this girl wants to do is get laid.  Now I am usually up for it and all but, something seems off with 2 guys sleeping 10 feet away from me.  If you know me that probably would stop me.  Then I realize that this place is shaking a little while we are dry humping.  It’s then that I realize this place is going to shake off it’s supports once we really start fucking. I also did not want to wake up her friends by us fucking.  I don’t think this group is like my other groups of friends.  Well, finally I told her that I wasn’t going to fuck her and that I couldn’t do it.  Well, now that part of the story is told let’s talk about how she was not muscular at all in the thigh or butt area.  This bothered me the most.  I felt like I was squeezing a water balloon.  It was my only analogy that I could think of.  Every time I would squeeze it would seem to just displace to the side.  I can’t stand that feeling in my hand.  I am not sure if I dislike that type of fat moving feeling or when I grab a bigger girls chubby butt and it’s solid but, yet not at the same time.  I know I shouldn’t judge people on this but, that much fat just makes me kind of repulsed. I know if I ever find a girl that I love it will not make a difference but, as of right now it bothers me.  Alright rant is over see you next time.


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I am just a regular person with random things to chat about.
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