Inability to be tactful

So last night I was hanging out with a couple people from my softball team.  I usually frown upon people being oversharers with their information.  I like to know but, please don’t throw your hand down right away.  If there is no conversation then there is no way we will work out.  So I told them about my friends sister and how I told her it was never going to happen.  I said “Yes, we made out and it was fun but, I could never date you because I don’t think you are fun to hang out with”  I told this to my softball friends and the girl was kind of flipping out on me about how that was just not right to say.  Well, here is my deal.  I don’t like being strung along and I don’t want to string them along.  I know it’s a harsh thing to say to people but, everyone always says they just want to know.  Well, I tell them straight up that it’s not going to happen and well they get all upset with me.  Which brings me to my lack of tact.  I was told by the girl I dated in High School that I was tactless.  I had no fucking clue what she was talking about.  I had to go look up the word in an actual dictionary to figure out what I was missing.  Here I am almost 20 years later and am still tactless.  Fuck it I don’t really care.  I think beating around the bush and fucking playing games it pretty stupid and lame.  Just tell me what you think already.  Have a good day!


About batmaninhiding

I am just a regular person with random things to chat about.
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