Monday Update

This was an interesting weekend in my book.  So all last week I had been drinking after work with various work friends, friends, and old co-workers.  I had pretty much been burning the candle at both ends lately.  Well, so here comes Friday and I have a going away party for a girl at work.  So I have a couple beers and eat some food.  Have a few good laughs and then I take off to catch my last express train.  I get home about 8 am laying around the house cleaning a little and watching the Olympics.  This girl I dated a life time ago convinced me to come up to our local carnival for a couple beers.  It really didn’t take much I was sitting on my couch being a bum.  Well I go up we have a couple beers we chat a little.  Band stops playing.  I am like I am out and she wants to give me a ride home.  Well,  I only live like 4-5 blocks away but, well I get in the car anyways.  They drive me home I go to sleep.  Saturday I played around of golf with my Dad. Went and watched my friends kid compete in the Big Wheel races  and then took a 5 hour nap.  Woke up and wasn’t going out.  Found out my good friend got engaged. Went to bed I was going shooting in the morning and had decided I needed more sleep.

Sunday I wake up get on my motorcycle and ride to my friends house.  We gather up his brother in law and go to the range.  I get to pop off a few rounds in the 9mm and the 357 magnum.  Then we try our hands out at the archery range for awhile.  I get home do some more cleaning of the backyard and the house. Then I take a nap and start watching the Olympics again.  Pretty much an addict at this point.  Well around 10 I get a message from this girl that she wants to stop by.  In my mind I am like wtf I have kind of known you for the past 2-3 years and not once have you messaged me.  Well, she comes by and we are chatting about traveling and where we would like to go next.  So I should mention I am completely sober.  She has had a few beers.  According to her 3 which is actually 4 because she was drinking 16oz bottles.  So at some point during this conversation she starts sucking my finger.  I am all like this shit is on tonight.  So we continue talking but, then I kiss her and we start making out like 12 year olds.  Well, things keep heating up and she says she can’t because she wasn’t expecting to get any tonight.  I am guessing she didn’t shave or something.   I don’t know maybe it was that time of month.  Either way we are making out and dry humping.  Haven’t done that for more than like 2 minutes since High School.  Well now and then she would unbutton my pants and and suck my dick for like 5 seconds. Then tuck it back in and continue dry humping me and making out.  Now my dick has been hard for the past 2 hours of this make out session.  So she tells me to watch the Olympics and not pay attention to her.  So I was like whatever at this point.  I figured she was going to do this same lolipop sucking again.  So I am watching girls gymnastics at this point.  Not paying attention to her hand job.  Next thing I know she is full on blowing me and jerking me off.  Well, let’s just say I was ready to go at that point.  Then she stops and I am damn good because that was going to get in her face.  So I think I am good and she looks at me and I thought she kind of knew that I was ready.  Well, she goes back to working it like a magician and in about 4 secs I blow my load at her.  Right at the second I was going to go she pulls her head up.  I get her good and my shirt and everything basically.  She was like where was my warning.  I was like when you looked up and I shook my head.  Well then it was time to clean up because that shit was messy.  Then she left and went home.  We will see if she invites herself back.


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I am just a regular person with random things to chat about.
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