Twisted up in the head

So lately my anger has been at an all time high again.  Keeping myself from giving people a verbal lashing has been super hard lately.  I just want to go off on everyone and everything in front of me.  Something triggered it and I still can’t remember what it was.  Maybe it’s the thought that my life sucks more than the people around me.  Maybe I just need someone to even me out a little.  Which is why I am here again typing furiously on my keyboard.   Telling the internet all of my secrets and thoughts.  Well, last weekend was my big party of the year.  Damn it was a good time from what I remember.  I have resorted to pulling my dick out and telling a girl to touch it and make it bigger.  I was out of my mind drunk.  I have told this girl to not tough my dick before.  I passed out by the fire.  Ended up in my bed with a different girl.  Woke up again to party with my neighbor who happened to show up while I was in my room.  I think I need help I have reverted to my drunken self again.  I need to stop drinking in such excess that I can’t remember the night.  I lost my anger thought.  I will try to recover it for a later post.


About batmaninhiding

I am just a regular person with random things to chat about.
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