So I am kind of pissed today.  So I took off an entire week to go up to my cousins cottage in northern Wisconsin.  There was one caveat that was kind of an issue.  My ex-girlfriend from 10-11 years ago was going with her husband and her 2 kids.  Now, I asked many times before I requested my vacation time to make sure that it was cool with them.  Well, my cousin assured me it was fine and everything was cool.  So I put in for my week off of work and it got approved.  Well, the husband of the girl I used to date just decided to freak out to no end. Apparently, he is super jealous of me going up there.  Fuck man you got the girl you are married to her.  You live in a house together.  How in the Hell and I a threat in any way toward you?  Well, actually I do know this.  I am not sure how much any one really knows.  I wrote about her somewhere in my blog but, I can’t find it right now.  This girl is the girl I sometimes think I should of married.  I am pretty sure she felt the same way for a very long time.  I think the guy she is currently married to was her rebound guy waiting for me to change my mind.  I think he knows this and is why he is jealous.  I few years after we broke up and they were broke up for some reason.  She came and partied at my house.  I never had sex with her but, she did spend the night.  I knew then that if we started sleeping together that we would be together again.  I always believed in that exes where exes for a reason.  Sometimes that reason is not really a good reason to be exes though.  Well, after that night I don’t think I saw her for a few years.  It was never talked about amongst the people at the party and I am pretty sure most people forgot about it.  However, if in some strange world she did decide to tell him this information.  Then I can totally understand his thinking about this but, that was way before he was married and they were engaged.  To quote friends they were on a break.   She did come running to me though during that time.  Damn that was the night the What ifs were flying through my head and my head was probably still stuck up my ass.  Anyways, it sucks that he is still jealous of me after 7-8 years.  She clearly didn’t have any doubts about marrying him and she was moving on with her life like I did but, somewhere in this dudes minds he still thinks that something will happen.  It won’t I wouldn’t do that to her or him.  Married people are off limits to me as much as I would really like to do it sometimes.  Have a good day everyone I have a week off with no plans now.



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