Phone shit

So I am not sure what I did a few weeks ago but, I think I may of done something to piss off one of my good friends and possibly his girlfriend.  I have no idea what I did I was blackout drunk.  I might of said some crappy shit to some people or I may not of.  I don’t remember much of anything after the 3-4 bar of this bar crawl.  I can’t imagine what I said that he might be pissed off at me but, I have many secrets about him in my mind.  I have many secrets about a lot of my friends.  Well, so it’s been almost a month now.  I have texted him and he takes at least a day to reply to most of my messages.  This just flat out pisses me off.  I know for a fact that his phone is never more than 10 feet from him.  I know he has read the message by now.  I know that he is just ignoring me.  I have spent countless hours with him out at bars and driving in cars.  His phone beeps, flashes, vibrates and it’s checked within 10 seconds unless he is sleeping. Even then he probably checks but, I don’t know that for sure.  He has claimed that he has been busy lately which is possible but, usually I get responses from him.  So either he is pissed about something or he is truely just busy.  If he is that is actually great.  He has a kid and should be spending time with him.  I know I am just pissed off because I am slowly losing my friend to his family but,  well it’s hard losing a friend you have seen for the past 15 years pretty frequently.  I hope it’s not the start of the end.


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I am just a regular person with random things to chat about.
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