The possible blind date.

So for some reason people think that I should date someone or often wonder why I haven’t dated someone.  Not sure why people can’t comprehend the fact that I like my life most of the time.  Yes, I miss have a date for my friends weddings.  Yes, I miss having someone to come home to after work.  You know what I don’t miss.  Having to attend a fucking thousand parties because this one person once went to my party so now I have to attend everyone of their parties.  Or well we should go because it might start some fucking back stabbing name calling hating on me because I felt like I just wanted to stay home.  The shit women get offended over or think is bullshit and will stop talking to a friend over is ridiculous.  You know how many of my friends tell me straight up they just can’t or don’t want to make it.  Most of them.  You know why because it doesn’t hurt my feelings.  I know what it’s like to not want to make the trip out to someone’s house.  I know life gets busy and you need a day to yourself.  You know what though women just don’t seem to care about that even if they want to do it.  I wouldn’t miss birthday parties and major events unless there was a good reason and I had sufficient amount of time to plan for it.  Despite being a single person I live a fairly busy life but, at a drop of a hat or a late night I won’t hesitate to just not go to someone’s party.  I will try to stop by even if it is for an hour but, fuck don’t get pissed and talk shit about me because I didn’t want to make it to your party.  This is the kind of shit I hear my friends talk about when plans for parties come up.  This one doesn’t want to hangout with that group.  This one doesn’t want to drive that far.  This one doesn’t like that girl that might be there.  Fuck people it’s not complicated.  Just don’t go.  Fuck it I am done this got way off topic.


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I am just a regular person with random things to chat about.
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