Hazy Nights

So this weekend was a good time. Hung out with some friends for another friends birthday on Friday night.  Ran in to some other friends got drunk and had a good time.  In this group I am kind of the outsider since I wasn’t really in the group and still am not really in the group but, I like hanging out with them when I get the chance.  For some reason the girls in the group like me but, don’t really know me which kind of makes me feel good. They all have boyfriends but, that are a good time to hang out with.  Hung out with my friends girlfriend by some odd chance she was at the bar.  Chatted with and her friend.  Now this girl used to date another friend of mine and that is how I met her.  Then when they broke up I was talking with her while she was simultaneously talking to my other friend she is currently dating.  Well, yea that was my night.

Then there was last night.  Went out on a bar crawl for my friends birthday.  It started off great but, I clearly drank to much last night.  I have a thing for women I can never have.  So my friends sister used to be married to my other friend.  They are now divorced and she will no longer date her brothers friends.  She however is one of the funniest people I know and one of the prettiest also her overall demeanor is awesome.  Well I am pretty sure I told her all of this last night.  Damn me and my drunken mind.  I really need to stop doing that shit to people I know I can’t have but, I need to go looking for someone that I can have.  Still not sure how to do that.  Maybe one day I will figure this world out.  Probably not but, I know being super drunk doesn’t help me.


About batmaninhiding

I am just a regular person with random things to chat about.
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