Freakish Nervousness

I am a fairly laid back stress free person.  I try not to allow myself to get worked up over things but, when I start to talk about this little things that piss me off.  I get all flustered and start to rant and rave and repeat myself.  There is one thing that I can’t do which is talk to females that I am attracted to.  I can literally talk to strangers, CEO, CIOs, any one but, women.  I talk my way through interviews without a thought in the back of my head.  Then it comes to women I am like a god damn mute.  Then I get all pissed off at myself so I never even start the conversation knowing where it will end up in my mind.  This is the shit that bothers me the most.  Once I start talking I am good to a certain point but, making small talk is also not a good side of me.  I can talk for hours and hours but, I need some direction or I will just randomly rant and rave about nothing.  Also, talking about myself makes me real nervous.  I just like to talk about nothing and everything for awhile until I get to know you then I will tell you more specific information about myself.  God I am having a problem sending a one line question about if this girl would like to go out to dinner.  I don’t even know her or if she is single.  Done.  Sent.  Now to wait. Fuck I hate waiting.  I hope she doesn’t have a boyfriend.



About batmaninhiding

I am just a regular person with random things to chat about.
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