Wants, Needs, and Dreams

Well, for some reason this topic has been stuck in my head.  I keep trying to figure these out for myself.  I like this thing but, do I Need it or Want it.  Should Wants be more like Dreams?  Should Dreams be pretty far off to make yourself work for it.  Should it have a longer time frame or should they just be attainable.  Are Dreams something you should be able to buy?  Things are just muddled in my head but, keep getting clearer the more I write here.  I have been on a hot streak getting stuff done around my house lately and it has been pushing me to keep going forward again.  There is to much on my lists to just keep sitting idly by and watch tv to waste my hours.  I know you need to unwind to keep yourself from stressing out but, I don’t feel stressed while keeping busy.  I feel less stressed the more I get done around the house and in my life.  It feels good to get these need/wants out of my way. Clearing my path and future for greater things ahead at least that is my theory on life.  If I look back to things I have accomplished it always starts with small tasks that lead me to bigger and usually better things to come along.  If you have clutter in front of you you will just keep tripping over that crap instead of running forward on a smooth track.  I am not saying there won’t be the occasional pothole or rock in the way but, if you can clear out the stuff you have the ability to move it will be much smoother ride. Time to get back on my plow horse and move on with these projects and tasks ahead.  I feel like life can change at any time.  As long as I am ready to jump on to the next track then I should have no regrets even if that one is a little rougher of a ride.  Well, time to make some progress see you in the next post.


About batmaninhiding

I am just a regular person with random things to chat about.
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