My Ego

So the other day I am playing softball with my normal Tuesday crew.  I make a couple good catches and I hit one really good one. I should mention the thing I like most is hitting one over the head of the outfielder. Not just a regular hit but one that I hit so hard that it is over their head before they realize what just happened and have this shocked look on their face.  The second thing I like most is catching a ball that everyone else thought was uncatchable since it was to far away.   I am good at both of these. So good it appears that my head gets in the I guess.  I always considered myself as a above average player on our team and in the league.  What I didn’t know was that most people on my team believe I have a big head.  I am not sure when I started getting this way but I feel I have a good amount of confidence in myself.  Maybe I should be more modest maybe it’s just a fact that I rarely drop a ball in left field which gives me this confidence.  I know a while back in my life I decided to start believing in everything I do and what I can accomplish in this life.  I truely believe that if want some5hing bad enough you can make your life the way you want it.  I am not saying it’s easy but you have to want it and you have to go get it.  As I only have one reader this next part is for him.  You need to stop sitting idly by and do nothing.  I know your issues and I know you could over come them if you wanted.  You have some of the most amazing writing and guitar talent around but you choose to keep yourself locked in your addictions.  All addictions can be fought if that person chooses to fight instead of letting them rule your life.  I watch it and we definitely have good times but could you imagine if you could be a rock star and spend your nights on stage. That’s it I am done and I can only help if you are willing to change. It IS a mindset that can change and move you forward.


About batmaninhiding

I am just a regular person with random things to chat about.
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