Weird Dreams again

So as before I had a very vivid dream and while I can remember some of it here it goes.  It wa the wedding day of a good friend of mine. She was super excited about it. She was the nerdy girl who turned in to a beautiful girl. She sort of looked like Vanessa Hudgens.  She had found her dream man, a nerdy guy who had struck it rich and seemed like a great guy.  I agreed I thought she had found that one that could make all her dreams come true.  He had her on a pedestal and she was the happiest she has ever been.  So about an hour or so before the wedding I am sitting down stairs with the groom and we are just talking with the other Groomsman and this one named Julian screws up a little. Can’t remember what he did. Then the groom goes off on him about him being his lap dog and never going to make anything of himself. More and more about how he is worthless and all this evil shit spewing out of his mouth. Unbeknownst to us the bride was walking our way because she had to do something and heard him being mean.  She jumps to Julian’s defense  and he turns to her and starts a little tirade on to her about how she is worthless and is not worth anything.  I finally snap out of my daze and disbelief about what I am hearing. I threaten to beat the shit out of the groom who vaguely reminds me of the kid from Lucas I think. I then proceed to leave the area in a blind rage looking for something to kill the groom with. I finally run out things I would like to kill him with. I think about a hour passes and I run in to the groom again. This time he starts giving me attitude so I start to go off on him. He starts saying how she gets what ever she wants because she is pretty and doesn’t know what it’s like to work for something. Then it dawns on me that this kid doesn’t know anything about what would of been his future wife. I go on about how she was the nerd in school and no one ever talked to her and only picked on her and it wasn’t until college that anyone ever paid any attention to her. You were her dream person and you just messed up. That’s all.


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I am just a regular person with random things to chat about.
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