Day 3 of Change

So, I started the Insanity workout on Monday.  Tonight will be my 3rd day of workouts.  Feel better about myself.  Downside I can actually feel my fat moving around when I am working out.  I don’t know how really fat people deal with all that weight moving from side to side all the time.  Do they time their movements with the fat sway or what?  Also,  If any fat chicks ever read this do your pantyhose wear were your thighs rub together?  Or does it provide less friction so you feel thinner?  Just thoughts on my mind that I want answered.  Alright so back to those workouts.  First off the fucking fit test is a bitch and I was scared for the first day of the actual workout.  It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be.  I do have one problem and that is my arches.  That are in fucking pain when I try and do the jumps over and over again.  Not sure if this will go away or not but, I hope it fucking is just there because I haven’t really jumped like this since high school which was a long time ago.  Well, tonight is day 2 of the workouts and so far I am not as sore as I thought I would be.  It seems like my heart rate is flying through the roof all the time so I can’t get as much of a workout in as I think I should be able to.  This I hope also goes away after a few more sessions.  I am kind of worried about this because I have a history of high blood pressure.  It was always kind of high but, maybe if I shed these pounds that it will go down again so I won’t have to keep taking pills all the time.  Well, I set some random goals of mine today.  First, Lose this weight.  Second, Find skinny chick.  Third, Fuck said skinny chick a bunch of times.




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1 Response to Day 3 of Change

  1. keep at it. exercising has to help the blood pressure. great three part plan. lol!

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