My First Change is moving along

So I have talked about making a change in my life well first up is my weight.  I some how made it through almost 3 years of college without gaining weight.  I then started lifting 3 hours a day and put on about 25 lbs of weight mostly muscle.  I felt the best I ever felt but, shortly after graduating I put on another 30 lbs and was pretty much fat by my standards.  I am now sitting at a cool 220.  This is going to change.  I am going to try and get down to 190 with the theory that I will sit at 200 comfortably but, if I could get back down to my previous 175 that would be amazing but, I am not sure I would like the way I look back down at that weight.  We shall see.  So I have been running 3-4 days a week and I am starting to lift a little at the same time.  I have to be careful since I have a history of back issues since I was in high school.  Well, this is the start of the year of me.


About batmaninhiding

I am just a regular person with random things to chat about.
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