The World through my eyes today.

I wish I could rap or rhyme or make some bad ass song but that is not my world. My world consists of knocking people off their pedestals and burying them 6 ft under.  People who think they rule the world are generally near the bottom of the human food chain. It’s people like Warren Buffett that rule the world without most people knowing who he is.  My world is not always cut and dry but, for me picking out the slaves to their job is easy. Hey fuckhead if you don’t like my comments or can’t understand it it’s not my fault but you better believe I will make sure it’s not work that’s causing the issue.  I sat through the most poorly run meeting for 2 hours today and even the people above me were flustered.  Damn motherfuckers you need. To chill and figure shit out sometimes. The lack of your ability to troubleshoot your issue does not directly point to my group. I am running in circles talk to you later.


About batmaninhiding

I am just a regular person with random things to chat about.
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