The Backstory part 1

So after reading some of the comments I have decided that I will go back in to the future of my world and put together my autobiography is blog format.  It’s gonna take awhile.  I remember many parts of my childhood starting with when I busted my eye open while at my neighbors house.  Let’s start there.  Why not since I usually lie about house this actually happened.  I wish someone would of told me to tell every female that I ever met that I got mugged and they tried to cut my eye out when I was downtown one night but, that would have been the coolest story to tell.  Really what happened was I was at my neighbors house playing around in their backyard with their dog and running around.  Well, we decided that we needed the spray nozzle for the hose.  Well being the polite youngster at 4 that I was I ran over to the house hopped up on top of the air conditioner and since my shoes were wet pretty much as I was reaching for the nozzle which was on the window ledge I fell right off.  Cracked my head on the edge of the window well and rattled all the way down the damn thing.  All I remember is then getting put in to my parents car and being driven to the hospital.   There I proceeded to kick every doctor or nurse that came near me.  Then then sedated me and put me in a straight jacket and strapped me to the damn bed..  It took a good 6 people to hold me down so the doctor could put stitches in to my face without puncturing my eyeball.   I never said I was smart I was just pissed off at some dude trying to stick a needle in my while my eye was filled with blood.  Looking back I should held perfectly still still but, damn I was 4 how was I supposed to know how bad it was.  Well, from this day forth I start to actually remember things from my childhood.  Not everything but, more an more from this point on.  I will delve further in to my memories in the posts to come but, since this is my most vivid memory from back then I will start here.



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I am just a regular person with random things to chat about.
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