So how do you control your anger?  I usually can just ignore it but, I think it has been just below boiling over lately.  I just sat at my desk for a few minutes thinking about beating the crap out of someone.  So much so my imagination made my heart rate increase and adrenaline started pumping like I was actually going to get in to a fight.  I am sitting at a desk.  This can’t be healthy.  I need to find a way to release my anger and not hurt people especially myself. Maybe I should take advice of a friend and go see a counselor just to talk to someone and get more of it out of my system.  Is that what you do with it?  Maybe I should read a book about it.  I can’t afford some head doctor but, I guess I should try.  I think I have anger management issues and need to deal with them.


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One Response to Anger

  1. you may have management issues but it is not disabling. a counselor will put you on the same shit they put me on. zoloft and xanax. I never took the zoloft ever. xanax however has helped me sleep better. think more rationally. and stay calmer. all that racing of thoughts has been more controlled. its amazing. and I only take the wimpy ones

    also there are free places online to go chat anonymously much like I did. I can help you find them if youd like.

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