Whiskey Dick

So a couple days ago I had plans with a female acquaintance to hook up for sex. Now I have only met her twice before this. Once on a cruise for my friends wedding. I don’t really remember her from then because my group of friends drank their asses off from Thursday night to Monday morning. We emptied the entire ship of Guinness in one night. That’s how much we drank. Then I met her out for drinks another time a few months ago. She always seems to sit next to me and never in front of me. I never really thought about it until we were naked. I was having performance issues and I couldn’t quite place it at first. Then I realized that I as just not attracted to her. She didn’t put off a small dose sexuality and didn’t get me excited. Now I will tell you I have never had this problem before. I could be blackout drunk and my sub-conscience could smell a woman in my bed and I would be hard as a hammer. I didn’t even need to be awake in some cases. I have had sex with a few heavy women and a few tiny as toothpicks and everything in between. Never once did I fail to be hard. This was my first go with this issue. I tried everything from thinking about other sexcapades to porn I have watched. Nothing would get me hard again. I didn’t even wake up with morning wood. I don’t think that has stopped since I first started getting morning wood and I found it odd. I wondered is this then of my existence. Then I realized it. I think whiskey dick is probably mostly code for damn I am just not attracted enough to this girl to get hard. Then I thought back to some of the not so quality women that I slept with. It dawns on me that she didn’t even try to flirt with me or get me excited about it. I know some people will say damn pussy is pussy or some shit like that but, really I think that even for Fuck Friends there has to be some attraction or some flirting skills to go with the pussy on a platter. In my mind I know see this as that time when married friends talk about trying to have a baby. They are all on a schedule. We fuck at 6:45, 10:20, and 4:57 on Every other day during the full moon.  Alright I am now rambling so this is done.


About batmaninhiding

I am just a regular person with random things to chat about.
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