Moving On.

So this past weekend has been a rather fun but, eye opening as far as my relationship status. Went on a date Thursday and pretty sure I won’t see her again. Didn’t do anything particularly wrong that I could think of but, oh well. That’s not really what set me off a random girl I met while at a bar and one date is not going to get me down. It was more the hanging out with a bunch of different groups of friends and realizing that I am pretty much the only single person amongst them. This usually doesn’t bother but, it seems that I am destined to live by myself. I am not even sure that I could live with someone in the same house anymore. I don’t know I just need something in that section of my world to start to turn around. I need a little love pointed in my direction. I have realized getting laid just doesn’t cut it for me anymore. It’s fine as a release but, really it’s not what I am craving. As much as I hate clingy people I could probably use one right now. Who knows really but, I hate this unhappy feeling that coarses through me from time to time. Probably mild depression or maybe it is just the week long bender I have been on and hopefully after tonight I can stop it. Maybe it’s a mild depression. Maybe it’s just a low spot in my life. It’s just so hard to feel this way when the other larger portion of my life seems to be going in the right direction. I am sure it will balance it out. You can’t have highs without the lows. I just wish I could find someone to spend some time with. I need a new connection that will just talk about stupid shit all day. I have a good friend and a brother who do do this more me a lot but, I think this person needs to be of the female gender. Well, I guess I can’t just sit around and wait any more. I have gone a couple dates. Hopefully I can get to a few more if I work at it. Shit is expensive though. Well, maybe an update in a few days or weeks we shall see.


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I am just a regular person with random things to chat about.
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