The “Debt Crisis”

While generally I fucking hate politics and the crappy posturing and bullshit going on so I don’t pay attention.  This debt thing though is some serious shit and the posturing while just as annoying is actually needed for the first time.  People we at fucking 14 trillion dollars in debt.  Do you know how much fucking money that is?  Its like a pile of 100s stacked across a football field and almost as tall as the Statue of Liberty.  Fuck yea I get excited when I find a $5 bill in my pockets.  Well, back to the topic.  For once I am in agreement with these politics.  Keep this fucking government from spending ridiculous amounts of money.  We don’t have the cash so why are we spending so much fucking money.  We might be the most awesome of countries in the world but, that should not give us the right to go 14 trillion dollars in debt.  Yes,  I know that money funds some needed social services but, if its not sustainable then we should not be fucking doing it long term.  I understand borrowing some money is needed but, 14 trillion might be a tad bit excessive.  Shit I spend a few hundred at a bar and I get pissed.  Charge a grand to my credit card and I start freaking out.  These reps and senators don’t give a fuck about it normally because they keep thinking of other ridiculous ways to spend money.  Keep the budget balanced.  If you don’t have 2 trillion coming in then you can’t spend 2 trillion.  If a company tried doing this they would go under in years or months.  It has only become a crisis because the politicians just had a blank check sitting in front of them to buy and create whatever their little minds thought of throughout the years.  I hope they vote and end this battle for a few more months.  Try to get a balanced budget going to help save our great nation.


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