Stop the INSANITY.

 Here is what I would like to discuss today.  Soon to be parents that knowing bring a handicapped child in to this world.  I know you all and by all I mean my one ready just thought “really, what the fuck does this person know”  Well, I am by no means an expert in families and I currently have no kids.  I have one cousin and one cousin who has died of a genetic disorder that my aunt and uncle knew about before they were born.  Due to their strong religious beliefs they would not abort on the second child.  I will say as much as my aunt does love her children they have pretty much ran her in to the ground.  She is constantly exhausted and taking medication to make her less anxious and be in a happier mood.  I am sorry but, they should not have been born in the first place.  The amount of strain it puts on a family is tremendous.  The mental anxiety that it causes wondering if the next time she goes in to a seisure is her last or not gets to me sometimes.  The fact they don’t do anything as a family because one parent stays home to take care of my cousin is just not right.  I know if I brought it up they would defend their choice until their dying day but, it just does’t matter.   Children with known genetic disabilities such as MPS and cerebral palsy should just not be born.  Its time to abort the baby once its known.  I know having a baby and getting pregnant was tough for you but, stop the insanity.  You and your family are not going to be able to easily afford it.  Yes you have insurance but, that doesn’t matter.   Most if not all new therapies are not covered by your insurance.  You will probably need a wheel chair and special doctors and maybe even a special car for your newly born child with a genetic disease.  Yes there are varying degrees the of all genetic disorders and all but the mildest of them are tolerable.   Do you have other children in the house?  Yea, expect them to be miserable while you spend 90 percent of your time taking care of one child the rest of their lifes.  Yea, they will for the rest of their lives resent you to some extent for not making it to their baseball game or marching band practice because you had to watch little Johnny sitting in his wheel chair.  Deal with it people and stop the insanity.  Just stop having babies with known  genetic disorders and the world will be better off as much as you would like to say and argue with me.  I am pretty sure you are wrong. 

Now back to my regularlly scheduled work.


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