Our National Budget

WTF!  Seriously 14 Trillion in debt and they want to increase it.  Jesus!  Yea I make 50 dollars a day but, I was wondering if you could loan me a trillion for the next 50 years.  Who the fuck signs that loan paper?   I think its time we step back and really look at what we are doing.  Its time to start paying off this debt.  We could do it and we could then be really the most powerful nation in the world.  I am sorry that the everyone would have to suffer a little while we do this but, it would make us a much better country.  Yes, I understand it means taking a little bit of money from every part of our nation that effects someone.  Yes, the rich will get taxed more. The poor and old will have less health services.  Who knows what else trickle down effect this shit really has.  Everyone is making speculations and we paid someone 1 million a year to take educated guesses with our tax dollars. Could I do better?  Who knows.  Maybe pulling a number out of a hat has the same effect.  I am a middle class citizen who pays for most of this shit.  Oh sorry poor girl who can’t afford birth control.  Guess what abstinence is free.  Learn it and it won’t cost you a fucking thing.  Hey old person.  Maybe you should of thought about your pension and retirement when you were younger instead of making me foot the bill.  I pay for my healthcare, gas, housing, food.  I am sorry you are poor but, maybe you should of raised your kids better so they could help out.  Didn’t have kids. Move to Mexico I heard its cheap to live there.  I am sick of paying for everyone elese mistakes in life.  Yes there are the exceptions but, 20 million people is not an exception.  Sorry but, maybe you should just die.  Take the load off my back and just bury yourself in the dessert so it won’t cost me a thing.  Oh yea leave a fucking note saying Yes I buried myself.  Please don’t waste anymore tax dollars on me.  Yes, I kind of believe this dribble that I am writing.  So if you are that one person who reads this.  I am sure there are many other services that are government funded but, why are they not sustainable like businesses. 

Thats all I have to say.  Time to go home and not think about this crap for a few hours.


About batmaninhiding

I am just a regular person with random things to chat about.
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