On to the next Phase

I love making up titles to these posts.  I never really know where my mind is going to wonder during these thoughts.  I sit here at my desk wondering why the fuck I am here.  My bosses are not here I have about 30 minutes of actual work to accomplish for the day but, I am stuck staring at my monitors.  They do nothing but, display images and text of the websites I stare at all day.  I get frustrated by the lack of imagination of everyone around me.  Let’s do something different today.  Shit it’s my fault too.  What is different?  What would actually make me happy for more that a few hours.  I can smoke and drink all I want but, really it doesn’t help it just hides the truth.  I could stop now if I wanted to but, why?  I could sit and chat intellectually with one or many but, I still feel bored with life in general.  I thought I would be okay on my own and could live a life I enjoyed but, I think I am wrong.  Maybe you do need that other person that completes you.  Jerry Maguire might of had it right all along.  I think I need that emotional connection to another person.  I am glad that I only know of one person that reads this.  Probably because noone knows I write this blog.  It is here more as a journal than a blog.  So I guess it’s time to go out and actively try to start dating.  Never had to do that before.  I am not even sure where to start or how to start dating for that matter.  What is involved these days?  I haven’t dated anyone in 6-7 years.  I just resolved myself to never dating and now I realize I was wrong.  So off to jump in to the dating pool.  Wish me luck.


About batmaninhiding

I am just a regular person with random things to chat about.
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