The Thoughts of Me.

Here I am once again thinking about what others believe they know about me.  You ever just wonder what people really think about you or at least their impressions.  People usually have at least 2 of themselves.    The person they chose to be in public with their friends, their real friends, their acquaintances, and their family.  Some can or are willing to at least show more of their real self to friends and family but, it never is the full picture. People always claim that people don’t understand them and that they never will.  Yea, of course that is true, deal with it.  You can never actually show the full picture.  You can show more of it but, everyone sees everything differently.  Everyone perceives the world and actions differently.  All that being said always being underestimated is the hardest thing to get used to hearing.  Recently I have been showing more of myself to friends and their reactions are usually slight amazement in my actual self.  Most friends don’t know that I read books and lots of them. I read at least a book a week but, when I make time to read I read up to 4 books a week.  They don’t know that I am really fucking good at my job.  They have heard me proclaim that I am awesome. They have heard me tell stories about my work.  They just don’t truly understand or maybe they do because they know what being good at your job really means.  I have hidden many facts about my life that most people will never know.  Yea thats me rambling.  Have fun with it.


About batmaninhiding

I am just a regular person with random things to chat about.
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