The State of Awesome

I was hanging out with a few friends I haven’t seen in about a year last night and then later hanging out with another friend.  The subject of awesome came up and how people become awesome or for that matter are they born that way.  I did a quick survey of some friends and they all stated that they were born this way.  I know those friends to be awesome so it validated my point.    So, if you are not born awesome what is life like for those people?  I know a few of them and maybe you do too.  They are the people that no matter how often you try and help them out of a situation or give them advice to try and change their minds they always make the choice that puts them further away from awesome.  They rarely ever choose the better option for themselves.  You could clear the way for them to go to Harvard and they would choose to go to community college because it would be easier. (and not awesome)  They would rather take the first job offered to them instead of working a tiny bit hard to make a little more money that would make it easier in the end.  These are the not awesome people of the world.  They just want to be where they are and never move forward.  The awesome people of the world need these people to clean their houses,  scan their items at check out and probably even bag them for you.  These are the people in which when you go in to the store 10 years later they are the supervising check-out person and making sure that awesome person at register 6 is 21.


Here is a conversation with this friend the next day.

Shit was just not right last night but good seeing you

Oh and I have been thinking about awesome and how it works

Friend: lol nice

Me: People seem to believe they are born awesomebut, those are awesome people.

Friend: lol yes

Me: I need the not awesome people to chime in but, I don’t know many. Maybe they are having problems answering the question because they are not awesome which kind of validates the argument by them being quiet.They just don’t know what awesome is like since they are can never experience it.


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