The 5 Star Employee

So on a recent business trip to Houston I was sitting at the hotel bar after a long day. To left of me are 4 managers of some company talking about how to rate their employees and the dilemma of having to rate someone a 2 because they rated another employee a 5. Then they went on to ask if there were really any 5 employees out there. I had been waiting for a way to enter this conversation so I raised my hand because I am that 5 star employee. Three of them notice my hand up and ask me if I think I am a 5 employee. I say of course I am. I get 4 skeptical looks and then asked why I believe it. I went on a couple minute description about why I thought I was a 5 employee. Then went on a 15 minutes diatribe about how managers and companies eventually limit their 5 employees and they become 3 employees. Here is what I believe breeds mediocrity in to employees. First is capping someones wages to a certain level. Take 2 employees doing the same job for the same company with no way of moving out of this job. The 5 employee takes his work seriously and reaches his salary cap in 5 years. He is super happy and loves the fact that he worked his ass off to get to this level quickly and is making the big bucks in his mind. The 2 employees takes job just seriously enough to get his raises throughout the next 10 years and is now making what the 5 employee is making. The 5 employee is okay with it at first but, he slowly starts thinking that it sucks that his co-worker with a rating of 2 is making the same amount of money. He starts to get fed up with working his ass off and not making more money than the 2 employee. So he slowly starts turning in to the 3 employee. Working slightly better than the 2 because he does have some pride in the work he does. So after I go through all of this with them they all have this look on their faces like WTF did you just say. I just said it is the managements fault for turning a 5 employee in to a 3 employee.


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